I Feel Blessed

Sunday is a day of reflection for me. On this day in particular, I focus on my many blessings. I feel blessed to be able to walk, talk and feel. Nothing would matter if I did not have life. So many of us forget that fact.

I Feel Blessed

It is extremely easy to get caught up in this fast pace world. A world that focuses on acquiring things to be happy. Despite the many things I have been able to acquire through hard work, I never allow these things to determine my happiness. I focus on the basic things in life like, being healthy, having a roof over my head, having free will, and the list goes on.

I never take my blessings for granted. Don’t get me wrong, I am always open to more blessings, but I am always satisfied with wherever I am standing in my life. The prerequisite to blessings is contentment and gratitude. You maybe saying to yourself, “Basia don’t understand what I am going through.” You are wrong. I have been through it all.

The secret to overcoming a problem is to find something positive to focus on. Whatever you focus on becomes larger. If you focus on your problem, it becomes larger. If you look for opportunities surrounding your problems, your opportunities become larger.

Whatever you are facing in your life, choose to feel blessed. Reject any other feeling that would keep you down. When it cannot get any worse, it will only get better.

Have a blessed week and keep the faith.


Basia aka “Slayer”

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