5 Healthy Eat-Out Options In The USA

5 Healthy Eat-Out Options In The USA

By Basiastylecooking.com
It’s that time of the year, when many people go on vacation. If you are a weight watcher like me, you may experience a lot of anxiety about eating out and gaining those lbs. I travel on business frequently and I have discovered a number of restaurants and cuisines that help me count my calories . Here are some of them:
1 Whole Foods

Whole Foods , is an excellent choice as they offer organic fruits, vegetables, meals and snacks. This food store also offers a variety of hot, as well as “ready to go” meals. Their food also displays the number of calories per item, which is excellent for weight watchers
2. Panera Bread

Panera Bread is a fast food restaurant, that is located throughout the United States. Its menu consists mainly of salads, sandwiches and soups. Like Whole Foods, it is calorie based. The salads, sandwiches, and even smoothies at Panera, are made from popular weight loss ingredients . It is an affordable choice for weight watchers.
3. Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle is a another restaurant chain in the US on our list. It has nutritional menu options like guacamole, brown rice, grilled chicken and bell peppers. The restaurant caters to consumers of all types, from the classic salad-eaters, to the burrito-lovers.
4. Thai Restaurants

Thai food is among my favorite and another healthy fast food option, for either lunch or dinner.They offer a variety of traditional dishes, that include lots of green vegetables that are a good source of iron and calcium It is one of the best options if you feel for asian cuisine and food prepared without the use of MSG.
5. Vietnamese Restaurants

Last, but certainly not least, there is the option of Vietnamese food. It’s famous Pho (soup) is always a good choice for its richness in vitamins and minerals. The Vietnamese culture also uses way less oils in making their cuisine. My personal favorite is the Pho and spring roll with peanut sauce. #yummy 👌🏾

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