Sweet Sweet Jamaica 🇯🇲

Sweet Sweet Jamaica 🇯🇲

I love 💗 Jamaica, not only because my man is Jamaican😍, but it is simply a beautiful country. After all, my love affair with the “land of wood and water”, started way before I met my husband . There is so much to enjoy in this country, the people, the food, and the beaches. Some of the most talented people in the world, were born on this soil.

One of the things I love about “Jamdown” is the fact that Jamaicans identify with their nationality before their race. Classism is common in Jamaica, but racism is null and void. Jamaicans simply identifying themselves as Jamaicans.

Today, I began rediscovering Kingston the way I did 24 years ago when I first visited Sovereign Center (mall). Today, I discovered yet another talented Jamaican by the name of Joni-Dale Morgan, owner of Morgan’s Creek. She makes the most amazing body products that can easily rival Bath and Body Works and The Body Shop. Her soaps, body oils and gels are amazing. I am not kidding❗️#bible

Here are some highlights from my visit to her store at Sovereign Center, Kingston Jamaica today:

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