Cafe Blue, A Hidden Jamaican Treasure🇯🇲

Cafe Blue, A Hidden Treasure In The Jamaican Blue Mountains

You may have heard about the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. However, you may not have heard about a hidden treasure buried in the Blue Mountains, (where the country’s famous coffee is grown) called Cafe Blue.

Cafe Blue is a Jamaican franchise owned by the Sharp family. It is located in the Blue Mountains. Hundreds of thousands of tourists frequent this untouched location in Irish Town, Jamaica, throughout the year. It is a destination like no other for persons seeking nature, authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, exquisite desserts and casual dining. It is a perfect location for tea, brunch, lunch or simply to buy the best Blue Mountain coffee in the world.

What I love is the warm and efficient service of the staff at Cafe Blue, not to mention, the view is “to die for”. Whenever I visit Jamaica, (which is often), Cafe Blue in the Blue Mountains is at the top of my list of “must dos”. Today was no exception, as I returned to my favorite spot for lunch with my girls and a slice of my favorite Passion Fruit Cheesecake. #yummy 👌🏾

The next time you visit Jamaica, take my advice and add Cafe Blue in the Blue Mountains to your list of ” must see” destinations. You won’t be sorry. It’s an experience like no other.

Overall I gave my experience 💥💥💥💥💥
Take a look at this video clip with Co-owner, Jacqueline Sharp.

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