Selfishness vs Self- Preservation

I realize that I am at a crossroad in my life. I feel absolutely no pressure to make people like me or force anyone to spend time with me. I am grown😎.I spent a longtime trying to please people who cannot be pleased and now I am done.

You may say I am selfish, but I am actually in self preservation mode. I need at least a decade for me. A decade where I prioritize my needs and dreams as I do for my loved ones. I will not choose discomfort in exchange for love and approval. If I have to love you with your flaws, then you will have to love me with mine.

I recognize that this is a difficult phase for many to understand , but I am happy to retrain anyone having difficulty understanding the new me. It’s is also a liberating phase, when I get to choose how I want to live the rest of my life , who I want to become and who I choose to spend time with. I will only rise to high standards and I will not be able to exist where there is no standards.

I will continue to love the people that matter to me, unconditionally but I will not conform. I am doing me without apology. I don’t need titles to be happy, I just need to be me❗️I have one life to live and I will not allow anyone to write my story. I am the author my book called, “The Life Of Basia”.

Have a great weekend all,and think carefully about who you want to author or coauthor your book.

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  1. “I spent a longtime trying to please people who cannot be pleased and now I am done.”

    Looking forward to getting to this point, being a people-pleaser is EXHAUSTING!

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