What Success Means To Me❗️

What Success Means To Me

Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to be successful. As I grew older, my idea and definition of success changed. At first I used the symbols of success, like luxury cars, homes and career to measure my success. My real measurement came when I discovered the true meaning of happiness.

Through the years, I climbed the corporate ladder and I was able to purchase many things I did not have access to when I was a young girl. So my initial years were consumed with buying the dream car and purchasing a house in the “right” zip code. I began to travel the world and look the part. And I was happy to some degree. Maybe I felt joy.

Then one day, all of those desires did not matter. My new desire was to pursue whatever I loved regardless of how much it paid me. Don’t get me wrong, I love “ my coins” and I still have the desire to enjoy a high standard of living. However, I placed a higher premium on earning money doing what I love. It became my new measuring tape for success. I craved flexibility , the ability to spend more time with my husband and children and all my loved ones.

My focus shifted from looking successful, to feeling successful. The happier I became pursuing my dreams, the more successful I felt. And the money came with it. It was not my main focus though. I was at peace with myself as I now had balance. What use is the money when you are working so hard that you do not have the time to enjoy or spend it.

Today, I am successful. I love what I do💕.

I am blessed to be able to run my TV and digital media company as well as pursue other business endeavors. I am not overworked trying to keep up appearances. What you see is what it is. For me, success is about how you feel about what you do, and how it enriches your life, while you pay your bills on time.


Basia aka Slayer

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