10 Late Night Wine/Champagne Options🥂🍷

10 Late Night Wine/Champagne Options
For all my suave and sophisticated wine, champagne or cocktail lovers, here’s a list of flavorful and affordable alcoholic beverages:
1Cabernet Sauvignon 🍷

The Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most recognized brand of red wines in the world. Made from real red grapes, this particular wine leads a smooth and slightly sweet taste. It goes well with a late dinner or afternoon snack.
2. Dom Pérignon 🍾🍾

The Dom Pérignon is a French produced champagne from the house of Moët&Chandon. It is known as the ” Champagne of Champagnes” for its crisp and sophisticated taste. If you are not a champagne drinker, this is not for you. But if you are…..cheers!!!🍾
3. Massimino Peach Moscato 🍹

This Moscato is both fragrant and sweet. It usually goes well with contrasting flavours, like an appetizer or tart desserts. Unlike, the two drinks listed above, this Massimino Peach Moscato, will definitely be within your budget😉.
4. Chandon Brut 🍾

The Brut is the classic Chandon champagne ,with a mixed apple, pear and citrus fruit flavors, and fragrance. It is known for the hint of spice in the wine, that gives a soft and dry finish. It is also one of the more affordable champagnes.
5. Crystal Creek Riesling🍸

Next to make our list, is the Crystal Creek Cellars Riesling. This wine may also be one of the most inexpensive wines on our list. It has an acidic, apricot and pear flavor, that can go well with chicken or seafood, Asian Cuisine.
6. LandShut Riesling 🍸

Similar to the Crystal Riesling, the LandShut Riesling has a peachy apricot flavor to it. However, this German made wine goes better with light meals or simply on its own, during a light conversation.
7. Presto Sparkling Rosé 🍸

The Presto Sparkling Rosé is originally from Veneto, Italy, and is usually a good conversation starter. It is a very light and bubbly wine, whether you choose to pour it from the bottle, or prefer to have it from the can.
8. Belmonti Bellini Strawberry 🍹

The Belmonti Bellini is also a German made cocktail that varies in tastes and flavors. This specific cocktail gives a fresh strawberry flavor and sparkling finish. The flavored Belmonti Bellini cocktails are usually a seasonal item, so be sure to get your favorites before they are gone.
9. Orlana Vinho Verde 🍸

The Orlana Vinho Verde is a Portuguese white wine, that is extremely tasty for its shockingly low price. It is a sweet flavored wine, with just enough acid to make it balanced. It is excellent for a peaceful and chill afternoon , or a cool summer night vibe.
10. Sofia Blanc de Blancs 🍸

Last but not least, there is the Sofia Blanc de Blancs. It is a smooth tasting sparkling white wine for before or after any meal. It is light-bodied, and so can be a great housewarming gift.
I hope that you love our choices💕. Enjoy 🥂🍷👍🏽.

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