Dear Serena Williams 💕

Dear Serena

Congratulations❗️. Why am I congratulating you? Any athlete who has a good day can win a trophy or a title, (this is not meant to discredit your opponent, because I am also happy for her). However, it takes a lot to be the greatest. In competitive sports it is about who plays best on the day. I have been following your career forever, so I know how bad you wanted to regain your Wimbledon title. In all honesty, you do not need any more titles to prove to us that you are the greatest.(GOAT!!!!)

You said at the end of the match that you played for all the moms, and you did us proud. Serena, we are all women fighting different battles, but in the same struggle. We have good days and we have bad days. I saw your tweet about missing your daughter’s first steps, and because I have been there, I can read between the lines. You are now a mother and wife, and you will always be a champion in our eyes. Your records are permanent. But you are also human.

You and your sister Venus have set the benchmark for exceptional female athletes. Your personal best will continue to be the standard others strive to meet for a very long time to come. You have established a legacy like no other. The women who win matches against you, know they have arrived when they win against Serena Williams. You are the benchmark Serena.

Please do not put any pressure on yourself thinking that you let us down. In fact, you made us proud by showing up after having a baby, major surgery and getting married. In spite of all these challenges,you came back and made Wimbledon finals. That in itself is historic. Only Serena Williams can have a baby, get married and make to Wimbledon finals. Thank you for showing up. You are rich enough to have stayed home and call it quits. However, you chose to redefine what it means to be a professional tennis player, who happens to be a wife and mother.

I want to give a special “shout out” to your amazing husband Alexis, who clearly adores you and continues to give you unconditional love and support off the court. God has blessed you with a wonderful man and father for your daughter. You are a winner. Don’t feel pressured by your new roles as wife and mother, that is your center court. Do not pressure yourself to be perfect at everything. We do that as women. Focus on enjoying it all because you worked hard for it. It took me a long time to surrender and enjoy. It does not come easy for high achievers.

On that note, congrats on all that you have achieved on and off the court for 2018. You have redefined the game for women, especially women of color. You have proven that with hard work, class and dedication women can achieve the life of their dreams. You have nothing else to prove to us. You are the greatest, because even when you are not in form you make it to the finals. That is simply because form is temporary but class is permanent. And you are a class act Serena.

We love you forever 💕


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