Ladies Know You Worth

Ladies Know Your Worth

Everyday of my life, I meet people who are constantly trying to tell me what I am worth. What I have learnt is if you don’t know what you are worth, someone will tell you. The solution is to know your worth. If this is something you have never assessed, today is a great day to start.

When you put a high premium on yourself, you are unable to sell yourself short in any area of your life. The reason some people succeed and others don’t, is simply because successful people place a higher premium on themselves. I know women who are successful at their careers but not in their personal lives. They derive their value from their careers. They allow their careers to define them. A man is not looking to date or marry your career, he is looking for you. When you bring your self-worth to your career and personal life, then the magic happens.

A woman who knows her value is able to negotiate her treatment. She demands the best for herself and the people she loves (her tribe). She is unconcerned about what others think or say about her. She loves herself. She is enough. Everyday she rises, she lives her best life. Nothing is too much for her. She is not afraid to be good to herself. She eats the best,and wears the best. When others see how she treats herself, “they come correct “ and treat her accordingly.

Ladies, it is important that we know our worth. Do not allow anyone to define it for you. There will always be people seeking to undermine your value, if you allow it. Today, let us all reassess our worth, our value and remember to be good to yourself at all times. Nothing is ever too much to give to yourself. Start focusing on being good to you. If you don’t love yourself correctly , don’t be mad at others for not loving you right. You taught them how to treat you!😜 #levelup



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