Caribbean Food 🥘

Caribbean food is amazing👌🏾. Though loaded with calories, it is delicious. This weekend we really did not care about calories, we simply wanted taste. After all we are in Jamaica for our friends Gillian and Erik’s Anniversary celebration 🎉. We were so blessed to have an authentic Jamaican breakfast freshly prepared by the staff at Round Hill Resort, Jamaica.

Ackee and Saltfish, avocado, callaloo, fried dumplings, fresh fruits, juices, poached eggs and more. In various parts of the Caribbean, it is common for the residents to consume a large traditional breakfast. Jamaica is no exception. If you are lucky , you can even have your breakfast served with Champagne 🍾. I believe we call that brunch😍.

For lunch we went with the popular Scothies Jerk in Montego Bay❗️We had jerk pork, jerk chicken, and the roasted fish was delicious 😋.

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Caribbean Life💕

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