You Cannot Hijack Blessings

After a much needed hiatus, I felt like coming back with a bang😆. I am tired of some people being envious of the success of others. News flash, “What is for you, no one can take from you.”


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There are students who go to the same school for many years and only few achieve their dreams. Two people can implement the same business idea, or play the same professional sport and get different results. For this reason, two people can sing the same song and only one version will be a hit. Why, you ask? When you remain true to who you are and you pursue your gift, you will eventually succeed.

You cannot be victorious hijacking another person’s dream. If you want to hijack their dreams, it also means that you must be prepared to hijack their struggles endured to get to the top. It is easy to wish you were like Serena Williams. Are you prepared to make all the sacrifices she made to be the greatest female tennis player of our time?

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Blessings cannot be hijacked. You will only get what or who was meant for you. Stop wishing you had someone else’s career, husband , wife or child. That blessing is meant for them. When you start doing you, your blessings will be on the way. Authenticity, sincerity and sacrifice draw blessings.

Follow your dreams and it will follow you. Blessings that are not meant for you, will never come to you. Be happy when you see others being blessed, as you are not being shortchanged. Their blessings were not meant for you.

P.S I am back!💋


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