Hurricane Cocktail and…🍽🥂

Our New Orleans food experience was awesome. We were in the south for a very special occasion, to celebrate Aunt Joan’s 70th birthday. Mr B’s was highly recommended and it was a culinary hit. The food is amazing.

BBQ Shrimp
The menu offers a wide range of options for meat lovers, pescatarians and vegetarians. Their customer service is very impressive. The staff who served us were friendly and willing. This restaurant is famous for its BBQ Shrimp. It is yummy!

Soft Shell Crab with Potatoes and Asparagus

Duck Confit Spring Rolls

Crab Cake

Grilled Pork
Other favorites for me were the Soft Shell Crab, Duck Confit Spring Roll and Crab Cake. The food is “Dynamite”, #yummy.
The next time you are in NOLA, be sure to check out this upscale but affordable restaurant and sample their French Creole cuisine. You won’t be sorry.

The highlight of the culinary experience, was the famous, Hurricane cocktail. After dinner we went straight to the bar at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans to drink our favorite cocktail in the whole world. (We are of the opinion that they serve the best Hurricane in the city). If you have not had a hurricane, you have not lived 😍👌🏽. Add this to your list of culinary “must do”.

I am off to another part of the globe to discover exquisite food.
Slayer 🥂🍽🥗♨️

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