Choose Happy

Millions of people are experiencing depression. Most people will not admit it. Some people are able to fight this disease with regular exercise and a proper diet. Others require medical treatment. Whatever you require, choose happy.

Whatever challenges you are facing today, please know that happiness is a choice. Choose to see life through happy lens. Choose to smile, not to frown. Don’t be afraid to take life on. Surround yourself with the people who will bring out the best in you. Happiness is contagious, and so is misery.

It is not had to be happy. It is a choice. It simply depends on the lens you choose to look at your life through. Today, I urge you to take out your grateful lens. Be grateful for all the amazing things you have going for you. A setback should not determine your comeback. You are who you say you are. Happy thoughts, bring happy outcomes.

Remember to smile today and choose happy thoughts. Happiness is drawn to those who want it to reside in them. Choose Happy ♥️.



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