Color Outside The Lines

Color Outside The Lines

A true artist is never afraid to color outside the lines. That is what art is all about. It requires inner strength, self confidence and a relentless passion to feed your soul, to challenge the status quo and be true to yourself. When you are born to fulfill a purpose, you cannot not experience real happiness until you are obedient to your calling. To achieve your dream, sometimes you have to color outside the lines and get out of the box (the neighborhood, the friendships, the relationships) #justsodoit!

📷 Cristal Beard

Are you living an authentic life just to fit in? Are you living your dreams? I know so many people who are living someone else’s life, because they are afraid to pursue their dreams because they are afraid of disappointing others. It simply does not work that way. Big dreams require big risk and a season of discomfort. If you do not quit, what is meant for you will find you. Once you are willing to keep digging, you will find goal.

“Once you are willing to keep digging , you will find goal”- Basia Powell

I discovered a longtime ago that, “Winners do not do different things, they do things differently.” Winners are never afraid to color outside the lines. They are focused on winning. Today, as I write this blog, I am reflecting on my own dreams. I am reflecting on my own happiness. I love life. I see it as a daily gift from God, that must not be wasted. The way we live our lives is measured by the faith we demonstrate. The more faith you have, the more rewards you will receive.

Today ask yourself, “Am I coloring bold enough?” Are you prepared to color outside the box to live your dreams? What are you afraid of? If it were easy everybody would be doing it! As one of my closest girlfriends would say, ” Either you $hit or get off the toilet seat” #justdoit 😊

Go out there and color and live your best life.


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