I Am A Hunter 💥

I Am A Hunter 💥

It is a common feeling to want to stay down, when life knocks us down. What if I told you the we were meant to experience the knock down to test how strong we are? Life will knock you down, but you have to be strong enough to get back up everytime.

📷: Cristal Beard

Human beings are fragile by nature. As babies, we cry when we are hungry, until we are fed. We were not trained to go and hunt for our food. We were trained to cry and we will be fed. As we grew older, that mindset progressed to complaining and in some cases, begging. We need our hunger to be immediately statisfied. Most of us are not prepared to hunt to satisfy our hunger.

I am a hunter! When I get knocked down, I get back up and hunt for a solution. Life is not out to get me. I am out to get life. I thank God that I have never had to go to bed hungry. If needs be, I am prepared to hunt for my food, to feed my cub.

Many people believe that life is hard. Life is not as hard as most people think. It all boils down to “the hunt”. Those who enjoy hunting, will eat plenty, and those who do not will have to wait on food to come to them while they cry.

Who are you? Are you a hunter, or are you waiting on food to come to you?

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