I Am A Survivor 💓

I Am A Survivor 💓

Like many people, cancer has rocked my world. It is a terrifying experience, when you hear that you have been diagnosed with cancer, for the first time. However, as I have often said, “Cancer does not have to take your life, it can teach you how to live.” – Basia Powell. Cancer has thought me that I am a survivor.

As I reflect on my personal experience with breast cancer, I am first grateful to God, for giving me an extended run on this planet. For that very reason, I appreciate everyday I breathe. No one, and I mean no one, is allowed to rob me of my daily happiness. When you go through any form of cancer, and you come out on the other side, you cannot compromise your happiness. You immediately recognize that you are living on borrowed time and you have no time for “mess”. You only have time for gratitude, happiness and contentment.

When you are told that you have cancer, it is easy to feel immediate resentment, fear, panic and any negative emotions. I remember feeling this way for about a week, and then my Lord and Savior spoke to me and he said, “Be still and know that I am Lord.” In that stillness I found happiness and healing.

Yes, I did chemotherapy and other traditional cancer treatments , but more importantly, I did it while choosing to be happy. I chose to only surround myself with positive people. The funny thing was whenever I met someone for the first time and disclosed that I was receiving treatment for breast cancer, instinctively they would tell me about someone they knew who died from cancer😡. Really now? From that moment, I realize that many people associate the word, cancer, with a death sentence. That is not true. Screening, early and proper diagnosis and the right treatment can save lives.

I understand that not everyone diagnosed with cancer had the same end result I did, but remember that you don’t have to be diagnosed with Cancer to die. In other words, don’t see it as a death sentence. Most of all, for those of you who have never been diagnosed with cancer, don’t wait on a cancer diagnosis to find happiness or start living.

Everyday, and particularly the month of October, I remember all the brave men,women and children out there whose lives have been impacted by this dreadful disease. You can make a difference by giving monthly to a worthy cancer charity/organization.


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