Saturday Morning

I like the saying, ” Dont hate, celebrate.” As much as I would like to comfort myself, by feeling that I am surrounded by people who are happy for my success, I know that is not true. The same applies to you.

As Damian Marley says in song, “People will always be who they are, that’s what really makes the world go round. Unconditional love is rare…”

There are some people who cannot receive the success of another person, without feeling more inadequate about themselves. Would you feel better about someone else’s success if it benefited you?

Sometimes our blessings are contingent on our reaction to another person’s blessings. Do not be envious of a blessing that was not meant for you. Your blessing might be even bigger. Don’t waste valuable time hoping for others to fail or, to be mediocre for you to feel good about yourself. You cannot limit the dream of a loved one. Don’t get scared when they choose to dream big and you choose not to. We all have choices and some of us have regrets.

As you reflect on your journey thus far, ask yourself, “How do I react to the blessings of others?” Do you hate or do you celebrate?



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