Tuesday Thoughts – “Love What You Do”

Love What You Do

So many people hate their jobs, yet they convince themselves that they must stay in jobs that are killing them, to pay their bills. The truth is their will be no bill to pay once you die. You cannot carry your money or your debt. There will be no room for either in your box.

If more people were to follow their gift and do what they love for a living , the world would be a happy place. Too many of us allow monetary factors to influence of career choices. Money don’t make you happy. It only looks that way on the outside for those who have never had a lot of money.

What brings us everlasting happiness, is doing what we love. We were all put on this earth to do something special. The problem is that most of us don’t see our gift as something that would feed us. There are so many investors , creators, musicians, entrepreneurs in someone else’s job. Stop rubbing yourself of the life you are meant to live. If you got fired today from a job you don’t like, do not cry, praise God for pushing you into your destiny

Ask yourself, ” Is my job my playground?”When you love what you do, work becomes play!

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