We all go through a tough time, at some point or the other. I have been through my fair share. None of us like it, but, when you go through tough times, then you know who you are. None of us can claim to be successful without overcoming something.

Many people are ashamed of their tough periods. They are embarrassed to talk about it. That is so sad, because your test will be your testimony. We go through certain challenges to learn. No shame in learning a good lesson. Remember, everything comes to past, not to last.

Whatever you are going through at the moment, look for the lesson. Don’t focus on the challenge. It matters not how your story starts. The attitude you maintain through it all, will determine how your story ends. There is a reason for every season. If you are tough, the tough times will make you even tougher. You will come through better than ever.

Toughen Up and enjoy your weekend.

Blessings 💓


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