Monday Vibes

I love Mondays!💓 It’s very important that we start the week right. Refrain from taking negative calls first thing on a Monday morning. Many people experience high anxiety levels on Monday mornings. Perhaps it is the least favorite day of the week for some.

Monday is my favorite day. I guess I am bias, as my mother told me that I was born on a Monday😊. For me, Monday is about new beginnings and renewal. As such, we must feel the excitement about the renewal.

So cheers to your Monday, as I am greeting my Monday with open arms and gratitude. I am happy to see another Monday, because somebody died this weekend, and it was not me. Thank God I am alive to see Monday.

If you don’t look forward to Mondays, it is not too late to change your perspective. How you start your week, will determine the flow. I am starting mine with “pure vibes “, “Monday vibes.”



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