Diwali In Delhi

Diwali In Delhi

Diwali is the “festival of lights” celebrated by the Hindu community around the world. The Hindu festival signifies light over darkness, good over evil. Growing up in Trinidad, it was always a pleasure to celebrate Diwali. Needless to say, when my hubby revealed that we would be iin New Delhi, India during Diwali celebration, I was elated💃.

I was very surprised by the differences in the way we celebrate Diwali iin Trinidad and Tobago, than how it is celebrated in India. For starters, they served meat and alcohol as a part of their celebration.They also serve food very late, after 11:30 at night. This is due to the fact that everyone has to say their prayers (Puja) by 10PM, and bless the food before dinner. It is also the tradition to play cards to bond with family and friends and for money. It is a time of prosperity, and is celebrated for 5 days. They worship the God of money, Lakshmi.

Our time spent iin New Delhi was wonderful. Thank you Sunil and your wonderful wife Sunita for hosting us. It was amazing. Take a look at our New Delhi Vlog.

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