To Delhi With Love❤

To Delhi With Love❤

We live in world that has become closer with technology, but more distant with love. Most people prefer to like a photo than to call and touch base. For this reason, and more, it was so refreshing to have met my “Delhi Friends’.

My husband and I, with Indian Comedian Jeeveshu Ahluwalia and his fiancee, Sanjoni

It is never easy visiting a foreign country, with a totally different culture. I landed in Mumbai, and I felt totally out of my element. I felt the stares, no smiles, just a body language that said, “Hmmm, you are not one of us.” I was a stranger in another man’s land. I quite understand that in a country with 1.4 billion people, most of whom are fighting for survival, people are very busy going about their lives. Despite the size of this population, I stood out for obvious reasons.

Our travels would later lead us to many other cities that included, Kolkata, Thrivanthapuran and Chennai. My husband’s work assignments took him to many more cities than I visited. His reception was indeed different from mine, after all, he is a “famous Cricketer”, and this profession is the “passport of India” for racial differences to be overlooked.

My Delhi Sisters

After being in Mumbai for a few days, I was certain that I wanted to go home, until I got to Delhi. I met some people there, who I will forever cherish. They gave us the best memories of India and reminded me that even though we are different, we have the same needs and wants. Above all, the desire to be accepted and respected for who we are.

Me on the Tuk Tuk 🤩

I was told that Delhi is the most polluted city in the world. I would still return, as I had a wonderful time in Delhi.. Their hospitality will never be forgotten and it will definitely be reciprocated, if given the opportunity. They went out of their way to cook meals for us (more than we could eat), take us shopping, and to simply have meaningful conversations about life.Their appetizer course is a meal by itself. By the time we got to the main course, I was so full🙄. We were told that it was not polite to refuse food from the host. They just wanted to ensure that we were happy. And that we were.

Rice Pudding dessert made by Sanjoni’s mother

As I am writing this article , we are on the runway, and the plane is taking off and I feel a sad joy. I am seeing the pollution around me, but somehow I am not bothered. I connected with some really lovely people in Delhi, who opened their homes and their hearts to us. When I think of the time I spent in Delhi, I am reminded that, “people don’t always remember what you do for them, but they remember how you make them feel.”

So a special thank you to my “Delhi friends”. Thank you to, Sunil, Sunita, Jeeveshu, Sanjoni and the rest of your family. You are a class act to follow. You went out of your way to make sure we were happy.

Take a look at us dancing at dinner to “Chutney Music” (a fusion of the Indian and soca rhythm), from my home country, Trinidad and Tobago. They did not know about Chutney music, but once I played it for them, they started dancing, they loved it! We turned Delhi that night into “Deliwood”, #basiastyle.



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