Hey Shorty, It’s My Birthday 💃

Today I turn 40 for the 6th time. Lol, do the Math😜. I am grateful to God for saving my life. He is the greatest! The road has not been smooth, but I am better and I can honestly say I love this ride.

I can honestly say I love my God, myself, my life, my man and my entire family. I have grown. With that growth comes more compassion, patience, unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance.

I love aging because I intend to age young at heart and looking Fab😎. You either get old or you die young. So I am going to choose getting old. I looked at myself in the mirror and I said,” I love this chic, she is enough.”

I am happy to be at age where I will not apologize for who I am. I will not hide my age. I ONLY choose happiness. I will not remain in any environment, relationship or friendships that does not feed me happiness and positivity.

The older I get, the more spiritual I become. I don’t care to win an argument, or spend my precious time doing meaningless things. Every occasion is a major event for me and everywhere I go is my runway. I don’t care to do anything unless I am doing it well.

My name means, ” Daughter of God. I am a slayer, an overprotective wife , mother, daughter, niece, sibling, cousin and friend. Like you, I have good days and bad days. But , all my days are positive. It does not matter how many times I fall. Just watch how I get back up. I am all about positive vibes and I embrace change.

I love this excerpt I found recently:

Today I am celebrating my 46th birthday with Thanksgiving and praise, to The Most High. I love my life and I am just going to keep it moving and count every year that God sends my way. “THE NUMBER OF MY DAYS HE SHALL FULFILL.”

Take a look at some of my favorite photos. I have lots of favorite photos, but I only had access to these when I got the idea 😀💗📸

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