Trinidad Carnival Diary 2- Panyard Vibes🔥

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival season is in full swing. And how do I know this? The pan yards are full, as steel bands like Phase 11, All Stars, Starlift, Exodus and others are all getting ready for the popular steelband “Panorama” competition.

If you have been to Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, and you have never been to a pan yard, well… The pan yard vibe is real. Everyone visits the panyards at night time, to hangout and listen to their favorite bands play their version of a current soca song. Did I mention that going to the pan yard is free. Besides, you never know who you might run into at the pan yard. People come from all over the world to hear Pan music.

I recently visited my favorite pan yard in Trinidad, Phase 11. It was “POPPIN”. More importantly, I bought my corn soup from legendary nuts man, Jumbo. Yes, Jumbo is now selling corn soup! (If you grew up in Trinidad and you were a regular at football and cricket matches in the 80s and 90s you will know “Jumbo’ the nuts man”. Well he has diversified. He is now selling soup, but has not lost his flair.

If you are freezing somewhere in the world, like I am now, take a look at the Phase 11 pan yard vibes and Jumbo. He has diversified

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