Trinidad I ❤️ You

Dear Trinidad and Tobago,

I love you very much. I can’t think of anywhere else on earth I would rather be born. You always show me a great time, especially at carnival time. This year was no different, just better. I am leaving my beautiful country kicking and screaming.

Nowhere else in the world offers a carnival like Trinidad and Tobago. At least two months of partying to great soca music, going to the pan yards to listen to steel band music, visiting calypso tents, costume making, in preparation for the carnival parade on Monday and Tuesday. There are so many layers that make Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival, the best in the world.

When you arrive in Trinidad and Tobago for carnival, you immediately forget all your worries. Your only agenda is to party and have a good time. You smell the parties (literally) as you land at Piarco International airport. If you don’t believe me ask Usain Bolt. He returns every year. Celebrities come from around the world travel to Trinidad and Tobago, enjoy the “Land of fete.”

I am particularly grateful to the soca artistes and producers who continue to bring us great music year after year. The carnival would be nothing without soca and calypso music. Thank you to all the soca and calypso artistes from Trinidad and Tobago, and other Caribbean islands for your dedication to our music. Without you, we would not have great music to party. Carnival 2019, was an exceptional year for the music.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽.

Carnival in T&T is simply a time to connect with family, friends, former school mates, as well as to make new friends. Thank you for providing me with an incredible feeling of joy and a deep sense of belonging.

Trinidad and Tobago offers a brand of partying, fetes and enjoyment that is second to none. It is addictive and intoxicating. We give you the, “I must return, and I must come back!” Sleep is a luxury during carnival time. This brand of entertainment requires that you are fit and healthy. In between the parties, you must go to Maracas beach for a bake and shark, buy some doubles, or go by the Queens Park Savannah (the Mecca of carnival) for some corn soup, boil or roast corn.

Trinidad, for some reason I fell in love with you all over again, on this trip. I shall return! Thank you for an incident free carnival. (Hail up the Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffiths. The man is working hard, I saw him in action during the season.) I am proud of you and the people who have remained in T&T to ensure that foreigners and returning residents, like myself, can have a great and safe time when we visit.

Trinis married to a Brazilian and a Jamaican,who also fell in love with Carnival

Celebrity DJ Alicia D Duchess in action at Vale Breakfast Party

I truly was not ready to leave you, but duty calls. However, I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for a safe and amazing carnival 2019. I love you “Sweet T&T.” See you soon.

Love Basia


1% Jamaican🇯🇲💯 % Trini🇹🇹

Take a look at Basia’s Trinidad 2019 Carnival Vlogs from some of my favorite events this year:

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