Happy International Women’s Day👑

Happy International Women’s Day to all the phenomenal women in my life. My mother,aunts, cousins, girlfriends. You lift me up daily. You all deserve more than a day.

Our BasiaTV team also wanted to do a special tribute to the women in media, who continue to inspire us, and leave footprints in the sand for us to navigate a path that is extremely challenging, competitive and not very welcoming to women.
If all women were to stick together and have each other’s back, we would not be a minority group, we would be the majority.
So as I see many women reflecting on the significance of this day, may we also reflect on what we should do to lift each other up. We can all be beautiful and successful. Success is not un short supply.

If they don’t want to give us a seat at their table, we can all gather around our own table that we built together. Thank you @oprah @gayleking @iamreginaking @robinrobertsgma @shondarhimes @jadapinkettsmith @theellenshow @issarae @ava @wendywilliams @babarawalters for paving the way in media, for women like me.

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