The day Buju Banton was incarcerated, I was heartbroken💔. I swore to my family that I would attend his first concert upon his return. And I kept my promise. Buju returned to the stage with a hero’s welcome from all his fans. Like me, fans flew into Jamaica from around the world, to support the 90’s Dancehall legend.

Jamaicans from all walks of life came out to “jam” to the sweet music of the multitalented Jamaican icon”. His music is the cord that joins reggae and dancehall music together. He gave us songs like, “Champion, Wanna Be Loved, Not an easy Road,Untold Stories, Browning, Love Black Woman” and many, many more hits. He has one of the largest music catalogs in the Dancehall history. He also broke Bob Marley’s record for the greatest No. 1 singles in a year.

Interviewing Buju’s Son Jahazeil Myrie

The concert was amazing. “The Gargamel”, as he is also known, did not disappoint.”He come correct.” It’s as if he never left. Welcome back Buju! He is my favorite Dancehall reggae/dancehall artist of all time. Partying in the 90s was “fricking amazing ” because of you. Your music drew me to Jamaica, my second home. Thank you for the good times and the best memories.

Take a look at his performance at his first show in Kingston Jamaica:

One Love

Basia ❤🇯🇲

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