Happy 40th Birthday To My Fabulous Husband❤️

Happy 40th Birthday To My Fabulous Husband❤️

Today I want to wish a Happy Birthday to my fabulous husband. Words cannot express how much I love you and how grateful I am to God for choosing you for me.

Thank you for making me the happiest woman in the world everyday with your consistent demonstration of unconditional love and loyalty. You hand me love on a platter daily. I don’t know what it is like to not feel your love.

Thank you for all the sacrifices you continue to make, to give the kids and I the best life. Your selfless commitment to our family is not an act, but a perfect example for your sons to follow, and for your daughter to seek in her future husband.

Today, we celebrate the man you have become. In Jesus name,you will continue to soar. God is great and He has blessed you tremendously, thus far. I know he has lots more in store for you, because you deserve it.

Welcome to the 40s honey…It’s about freaking time. I am your Bonnie and you are my Clyde. I love you. Let’s do this “darn thing” called life together. Cheers to many, many many more happy years with you my King, In Jesus name.

Your Queen💕

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