Love The Hair You Wear 💕

By Basia A Powell

My summer began with a big chop and I feel so EMPOWERED and SEXY!!! What I love about the tapered hairstyle is the fact that I can still rock the “man bun”.#LOL


I am bringing sexy back with a versatile natural style that I can style in many ways. Let the summer begin.😜💃 🌍🛫

Stay tuned for my “hairscapades” 🎬 📸 I will be doing several “Natural Hair Vlogs” on my basiablog and my Youtube/basiapowell in the coming weeks to help my coily and 4B and 4C “sistas” to keep the moisture in their hair and define their curls over time.

This has not been an easy journey, but I am told once I get past the “moisture issue” with my hair type, I will be fine. So if you have moisture tips for me, please add your comments to this article.

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