I Love Sex

By Basia A. Powell

I never thought I would utter the words, “I Love Sex.” Growing up. talking about sex was taboo, particularly in front of adults. As such , I thought that sex was bad. As a teenage girl I was actually told by my adult relatives that if I started having sex I would walk differently. 🙄

So imagine my anxiety when I started to feel that fuzzy but natural feeling in my body aka my vagina. From very early I thought sex was a dirty act. Mind you , that did not stop me from doing this “dirty act” . My friends and I renamed it,

“Doing the nasty. “

I carried this feeling of sexual shame into my womanhood.

As I matured, I came to the realization that there is nothing nasty about sex. In fact , it is a very healthy, beautiful act once you do it with the right person. It fosters intimacy and it keeps us alive. It lowers the risk of depression or if the sex is bad or non existent, it can cause depression.

Sex helps to protect women from cardiovascular risks, boost your immune system because it keeps your blood flowing; it makes your skin glow and makes you look younger; it improves tooth health, and it puts you in a great mood. It even counts as exercise. It reduces prostrate cancer in men.

So with all these benefits, do you still think that sex is dirty? There are many people with dirty minds and hearts who are not having sex. It is important that we have real conversations with our children about the positive attributes and impact of a healthy sexual relationship . Do not avoid sex discussions with them, or they will turn to the wrong people for their sex education.

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