My Summer Hairstyles

I live for the summer! I get very excited about my hairstyles and fashion. As you know, I have chopped off my hair and i have decided to wear a tapered haircut this summer. However, what I love about this hairstyle is the fact that I still have versatility. I can change my short hairdo as many times as I want.

My new favorite hairstyle is,

“The Man Bun”

I love rocking “the man bun”, which is very on trend these days. It is is low maintenance. I just have to ensure that my edges are tamed🙄😂.

My next favorite is,

“The Head Scarf”

Even when I wear my hair longer, I love to “rock” a head scarf. I have so many head scarfs that will be making and appearance this summer. I am currently experimenting with various styles and I will keep you posted.

My goal is to show my followers that regardless of your hairtype or the length of your hair, you can wear many hairstyles this summer.



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