The Problem, Is Not The Problem ❗

Two people can look at the same situation and see two completely different things. One can see a problem and the other can see an opportunity. They can both go through a difficult situation, and one can write a hit song or book, and the other can crash and burn. That is simply because, “The problem, is not the problem.”

The way you see the problem, is actually the problem. We all go through problems and heart ache. However, some people enjoy healing and overcoming, while others enjoy living in pain and complaining. You have to learn to sell your pain. “Trials come to make you strong.” You are not the only person to have a problem. It is also unfair to expect the rest of the world to spend the rest of their lives, focusing on your problem with you. Wouldn’t you rather be an overcomer than a complainer?

If you truly want your problem to go away, treat it like an opportunity. We must stop focusing on our “problems”. We are only making them bigger. Fifty percent of the time , we don’t even have a problem. We are simply blinded by our fears.

Instead, we must focus on living our lives in the relentless pursuit of opportunities and happiness. Sometimes we just have to smile even when we have nothing to smile about. Its call preparation. Eventually, you will have something to smile about, so keep praying and practicing😎.

Today I urge you to switch your lens and start looking on your bright side for your opportunity. Start by smiling and believing in your “own shit”. Whatever the problem is, it’s just a problem. That too, shall pass.



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