Speed Does Not Matter

Speed Does Not Matter

It matters not who wins the race. All that matters, is that each and everyone of us, reach the finish line. Speed matters in sports, not your dreams. Some people are so focused on competing and winning a race, they burn out completely, before they reach their dreams.

Everyone cannot be a Sprinter. Sprinters usually don’t win marathons. You need to know who you are, and focus on your finish line. Run your own race and focus on finishing. Not everyone can reach their destination with a 100m dash. Some destinations require a marathon, perseverance and rest.

We are not all sprinters. Some people arrive at their destination at age 25, others at 50 years old. All that really matters is, you get to the finish line, and you enjoy the journey. The duration of your race does not determine the significance of your victory.

What does your destination require? Where are you heading to? Are you competing with others unnecessarily to reach your destination? Are you there yet? Whatever the answer, please note that we were put on this earth to fulfill different dreams, at a different pace. Sprinting might work for you, but it weakens me. Some us have to run a marathon to get there, others have to drive, and some simply take a taxi. Speed does not matter, just outcome. You’ll get there!😍

P.S. This one goes out to all my followers working on a dream😘



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