Why I Don’t Want To Be 21 Again!

I am throwing way back to Jamaica 1994💗 Final year at University and I was ready to take on the world🌍 I had a First Degree and I could not wait to do my Masters Degree. I also wanted to find a great guy , get married and live happily ever after, and well shit happened…

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I was 21 and I felt like a full woman. I was ready to be my own boss. I knew back then that I wanted to live in Jamaica. And guess what? I did it fearlessly. Got my “big job” as a “Human Resource Consultant” and left Trinidad to work as a Consultant with NEM in Jamaica. The dream was in motion. Sometimes I wish I still had the fire of my twenties. I would probably be on the Forbes List.

I won’t trade places with that 21 year old girl now, because she had no money😜, and she did not know her internal worth. I would not trade the wisdom I have gained along the way just to be 21 again.

📷 Basia Powell Instagram

There is nothing like knowing better. Knowing what to do when things happen, knowing who you are, and knowing who your true friends are.

I realise now that the reason I was so fired up in my twenties is due to the fact that I was hungry for everything. I needed to know. But once you know, you become more cautious, you make less mistakes, and you know who to say what to.😎

There is nothing like knowing. She was confident and fearless, but if I am honest, she was not smart. She did not know her true value. She did not realize back then that she could really achieve anything she puts her mind to.

She was a queen in the making, and she did not even know. She did not even know that she was not even happy. And when you don’t know, you also attract people who don’t know our value and how to treat us.

Given all of the above, that is why I dont want to be 21 again. I did not know so many things.Now I know🙏🏽

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