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I know I have not posted for some time. I needed a break guys! Christmas was amazing. Anyways, during my break I have been working on my 2019 hairstyles. I have to step up my game. For those of you who have my hair type, (4C hair), you would know how important it is to plan your hairstyles😎. The struggle is real. Don’t lose hope my 4C hairtype sisters. In 2019, I am going to help you (if you are not already there), to love the hair you are in.

First of all, 4c hairstyles can be very stylish. I wish I knew this when I was growing up. I was taught by society that my hair is ugly, too thick and unmanageable, so it needed chemicals to be straight. Nonsense. I had to discover the beauty of my hairtype on my own, as an adult. Don’t get me wrong. My hairtype drives me crazy at times, and this is mainly due to “shrinkage” . If you have 4 type hair, no matter how long your hair grows, IT SHRINKS! I can spend a day trying to stretch my hair!

How to avoid shrinking with 4c hair?

“Wash and Go” Unstretched Hair

Well let me see..I am not sure of an exact product, so please tell me if you found it. I have spent thousands of dollars on natural hair products from gels, to leave in conditioners, to deep conditioners. Trying to find, “The right product .” The thing that helps me the most is my choice of hairstyles. What I love about my 4c hair texture is, I can achieve any hairstyle I want, even if I need to use extensions. And it is thick as… You know😉

I know that many black hair experts swear by hair twisting, but personally, I prefer to cornrow my hair for greater stretch. Water and moisture are my best friends. Do not comb out your hair without your spray bottle!!! My hair is longer at the sides and the top, so I prefer “Pin up” styles to accentuate my length. On days when shrinkage is a problem, ponytails, pin ups and braids are my “go to styles”. I try to avoid wearing “an afro style” too often because my hair loses moisture quickly with this style. But I love me my afro😍. I just can’t wear it for a long period of time, due to shrinkage and moisture.

My point is, sometimes it’s not about your hairtype or the right product, but it is about your choice of hairstyle. There are several hairstyles to suit your hairtype, facial features, and confidence😊. So for 2019, I am going to show the world that this 4c hairtype girl can rock several trendy hairstyles because she loves the hair she is in. She has “good hair.”

2019 look out for my fabulous hairstyles. #Basiastyle💃🌏✈🤣📸 Stay tuned.

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