10 Years Cancer Free!

Today marks 10 years I am cancer free! I am very grateful to be alive! God is the greatest! My life and my perspective on life has change so much. I live in gratitude daily. I avoid unhealthy relationships and situations. I live in continuous pursuit of happiness.

As a breast cancer thriver, I dont take any day of my life for granted. I make time for fun daily. I am all about positive vibes. I am in love with life and with the people I choose to spend my time with daily.

Ten years ago I was broken after receiving the news. Two weeks later, on this day, my doctors in Miami remove the tumor from my body. It was a terrifying day for my immediate family, particularly my husband, but God will never take anything from you without giving you better. I am alive and I don’t take breathing for granted.

Today, praise God, I have a beautiful life. I am happy, I have fun, and I am always present. Everyday is a bonus and a blessing.

“Cancer did not take my life, it has taught me how to live.” – Basia Powell

P.S And I rocked that bald head 🙌🏽😜🥰

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