Our Visit To Montmartre,Paris

Today we visited the “City of Love”, Paris. Though it was not my first visit, my day in Paris was unlike any other time I have been there. We did the usual activities like riding through the city on the Hop On Hop Off Tour Bus. We took a quick bite of classic French pastries. My personal favorite is the Pistachio cakes.Then we became impatient and grabbed an Uber to the river.

We did the river cruise and enjoyed the beautiful historic landmarks along the Seine River. We looked in awe at the Notre Dame, and surveyed the damage caused by the recent fire, still standing majestic in the city.The reconstruction process has already begun.

Notre Dame

In the past, I would rush through the city like a tourist wondering what was beyond the iconic tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elyse’es, Muse’e du Louvre and more. Afraid to step beyond the recommendations of numerous tour guides. This visit, I was joined by my crew, my hubby and my cousins, and we discovered parts unknown to us.

One of my cousins is fluent in French, and spent considerable time exploring France in her earlier college years. As a result, she was able to open up my mental walls beyond the Effil Tower. She insisted that we needed to visit the The Sacred Heart Basilica (French spelling is Basillique du Sacre’ Caeur) in the district of Montmartre, Paris. All I can say is, I have lived and we had an amazing day!

Montmartre is located in the hilly part of Paris, approaching the Sacred Heart Basilica. We explored the classic french cuisine, like escargots, and bone marrow and drank Rose. It was like we were in a remote rustic village in the hills and there was no other place to be.

Bone Marrow/📷Basiatv

Escargots/📷 Basiatv

The spectacular French architecture is definitely “a vibe”. These rustic corridors are filled with culture, history ,restaurants, shops, artists, and lots of French desserts. It is the hidden treasure of Paris.

📷 Basiatv

Artist painting a personal potrait
We had an amazing day ! The food was exquisite, the weather was magnificent, (not hot) and we were in our elements we explored and fell in love with Montmartre. Until next time Paris!

Au revoir


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