London Summer 2019

If you know me very well, then you will know how much I love London, particularly in the summer. I can’t really describe exactly what I love about this city. Maybe it is the modern interior designs hidden behind all the traditional brick exterior architecture. Or perhaps it is the way “the Brits” still interact and socialize with each other on the streets, at the markets, at the pub (which is on every corner). I love the random fashion on the streets, and the fact that nobody is judging, except if you are from the Caribbean😎😜.

Hubby and I

The Girls

This summer was particularly special because my hubby, my cousins and I gathered in London to celebrate my cousin-in-law’s 50th Birthday. Yeah we fancy! To be honest this celebration began with a tour to the African continent, however we joined them in London.


The weather was spectacular, which is a celebration in it self. Our visit coincided with Nottinghill Carnival. We played J’ourvert and then of course played mas and we had High Tea at Fortnum and Mason, and we flew to Paris and we enjoyed each other’s company.


Mi Familia

We all needed to recharge our batteries, and that we did. We did not have a concrete plan to do anything. Everyday we craved a different experience and did what ever we felt like. For example, when we went to Montmartre in Paris and it was a spur of the moment plan.




London did not disappoint. In fact it was a reminder of how precious life is, and why we must take time to slow down and simply be grateful and count our blessings. We were remanded of the importance of checking in with ourselves and our love ones.

Dinner time

What stood out most of all from this trip to London, was how we were able to create happy moments out of spontaneity. I was reminded on this trip that I am surrounded by love. We love deeply, and we hurt deeply. None of us are perfect, but we have this perfect love for each other, and a desire to celebrate each other’s milestones, while protecting our unbreakable bond.

What can I say ? London was a whole vibe. Most of all, our African King enjoyed his birthday. Happy 50th Birthday, Kenneth. May we all live to celebrate many many more.Cheers🍾🥂💗Basia

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