Expect The Best And You Will Get The Best

There was a time in my life that I did not understand the power of expectations and gratitude. When I reflect on my early life, I have to say that I was surrounded by people who did not understand either, but I have grown and I recognize now that when I expect the best, I get the best.

So many people say thanks because they are trained to say thanks, but they do not really know what it means to be truly grateful. When you learn to live in gratitude, you will never be hungry. Today, I am just grateful to be alive. Once I am living, I have hope.

I have learned to view my life through grateful lens at all times. Being grateful at all times does not mean that I have to accept where I am at, or that I cannot dream of, or ask God for more. It seemly means that I am grateful for how far I have come. However, I live with the idea that God always want to be good to me, and I am grateful for His grace and mercy.

So many people keep focusing on the one thing they don’t have, but they don’t see all that they have been blessed with. If you get up each day grateful for where you are, but expect to bleesed with more, He will meet you at the level of your expectations.

It is difficult for me to speak to people who can only tell you what they don’t have and all the bad things that are happening to them. There must be one good thing that is happening, that you are grateful for. What about the fact that you woke up, you have your eye sight, your hearing, a roof over your head and the list goes on?Whatever is happening, we must give thanks to The Most High. Put a smile on that face and raise you expectations, and you will get the outcome you envision.



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