Be The CEO Of Your Own Life

I have many dreams and goals. With my dreams come fear. The greatest of all my fears, is the fear of not truly living my best life. Everyday I observe my family, friends and strangers working to stay alive, but they are not living. A few years ago, I discovered that I was alive, but I was not living, and I did something about it. I became the CEO of my own life. How did I do this might you ask?

The answer is simple, I stopped pretending. I was able to look at my life and do three things:

  1. Acknowledge
  2. Eliminate
  3. Address


I had to acknowledge all the areas of my life that were preventing me from ‘living my best life’. This included addressing the wrong career choices, in effective spiritual practices, poor money habits, and unhealthy personal relationships. I had to write a list of all my key areas of concern, and face the truth. Honesty with myself was the first step. You can fake it with the world, but you can’t fake it with yourself. Anything or anyone who was not adding to me truly living had to go or be addressed.


I decided that I was going to make adjustments or eliminate anything that was not making me happy, and address the issues with the people I love who I did not wish to eliminate. I had to get rid of my bad habits that were occupying several hours on my day, but were not adding to my happiness and growth. I started to engage in those activities that made me happier. I even made new career choices. I decided to only work on projects that I am happy doing, and that gave me the flexibility to be with my family, and do the what I love.

“In other words, no one can pay me to be unhappy!” – Basia

In other words, no one can pay me to be unhappy! I recognized that I had to make financial adjustments, but that is ok. My focus is on being able to do what makes me happy and spend quality time with my love ones. That is the greatest blessing. Sometimes you just have to confront your pain and say, “Enough is enough. ”


After I became the CEO of my life, I had to develop a new mindset and as a result, a new schedule, as I left old habits behind. I started off each day with gratitude and prioritizing a regular exercise routine. One that I enjoy. It is important that you choose the type of exercise you enjoy. Running and weightlifting is not for everyone. Some people need to do yoga or pilates. If you do not enjoy your exercise routine, you will not be committed to the process.I started to fill my life with all the things I enjoy. I want to get it all. I want to laugh each day. I became more patient with myself. I realised that I would not achieve all my goals in one day. It is ok to have fun and play a little. It is more important to maintain positive thoughts and gratitude, in order to draw the things I need into my life. Sometimes a peace of mind wins.

I started being more present. I realise that time flies and I need to capture every moment. This realization made me more appreciative of my life as an international blogger. Everyday is an adventure. Some people have been alive for 60 years and more, but they have actually only truly lived 8 out of those 60 years. I want to live every day, of each year I get. What is the point of being alive and you cannot live the life you want.

“Being the CEO of an organization means nothing to me if my life is in a mess.” – Basia Powell

In other words, I had to handle my mess and become the CEO of my own life. Being the CEO of an organization means nothing to me if my life is in a mess. At the end of the day, I am a spiritual being having a human experience. I need to perfect that experience. There are many unhappy CEOS walking around with business cards. I did not want to be one of them. I was either going to dread waking up each day or I was going to wake up and truly live. I chose the later.CheersBASIA👑

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