Happy 18th Anniversary Hubby!

Dear Husband

Today marks 18 years we said “I do”. Boy or boy, our vows have been tested. ‘In sickness and in health, richer or poorer’. We have been through it all, and by God’s grace we are still standing. It was not easy, but I feel incredibly blessed to be married to a man who knows how to love me ‘correct’.

From Day 1 in this relationship, you have treated me like a queen. And might I add, you have always been my king. We came into this relationship with different love languages. You came in with an ‘all or nothing’ type of love, and I came in on the defense. I was not looking for a husband. I did not trust men. I was happy to date. But God had other plans for my life. You.

Over the years you proved to me that a man can really love his woman. Our marriage have by no means been perfect. We have both made mistakes. We might have said hurtful things to each other along the way. Especially me, because my tongue can be ‘sharp’. But we have a perfect love.

I once heard an elderly couple say that to have a long happy marriage, you must know the art of forgiveness. Well while that may be true, you must also have a touch of amnesia😂. Speaking on behalf of some other women I know, somethings are hard to forget!

You have said to me that ‘you want to treat me so great, that I have to think more than twice before I leave you’. That makes sense to me, so keep doing it! You also said to me after we got married,

” We signed a now way out contract.”

So no matter what season of our marriage we are in, there is no way out! We don’t feel ‘in love’ everyday, but we love each other deeply everyday and we are loyal.

The past 18 years have been special. Most of those years inspired growth even though we have felt pain. We are not necessarily the same people who said I do. Over the years we both grew, but we have an even greater love and respect for each other. We have grown into different people, on the same page with common values. I like you. I enjoy spending time with you. I like your sense of humor. However, you have to work on your communication skills if you want us to celebrate another 18 years! Real talk…

You have always stuck to the mantra, ‘Happy Wife , Happy Life’. I have always recognized that any man that treats his wife like a queen everyday, needs to be treated like a king.

18 years ago, I gave you my heart. In return, I asked for unconditional love and respect. Everyday you serve that to me love on a platter. Thank you. Every challenging experience we shared , whether it was cancer, autism, financial challenges, raising a child from a previous relationship, everything, was easier because of the way you love me.

Our love conquered the hard times. Recently your mother repeated the words of my aunt, when she said, ‘God made us for each other’. After 18 years, I believe that. To anyone reading this right now, who maybe experiencing a challenge in your marriage. This is my checklist for enduring the challenging times. Here are the reasons I stayed:

• He loves and respects me unconditionally.

• He loves God and puts Him first and prays with me.

• He always has my back. Whenever I fall, he catches me.

• He is an excellent father to our children.

• He me makes feel as though I am the most important person in the world.

• He will spend his last dollar to put a smile on my face.

• He loves my family.

  • Most of all, I love him.

Husband, today I give God thanks and praise for you. You are not perfect an neither am I. But what we have is magic. Besides, I can’t think of another man who would put up with my antics😜. (Sometimes too many women are looking for a perfect man). He does not exist. What I love about you, is the fact that you are always willing to fix whatever the problem is. That is all I can ask for.

A long happy marriage is like having a car you love so much, you refuse to sell it. To keep it on the road, you may need to change the battery at times, service or change the engine, give it a paint job, and change the tires. You would do whatever it takes to keep that car, because you won’t change it for the world.

So Happy Anniversary my love. Let us keep this ‘Bentley’ of a marriage driving and wake up each day committed to loving each other, making each other happy, keep our vows in tact, and keep living our best life, Okurr…

I luya man💗😘

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