Meghan Markle Is The Princess Of Women And Children

By Basia Powell

Today Meghan Markle is in Johannesburg, South Africa. And let’s just say that she brought her sparkle to the largest city in South Africa. She visited the University of Johannesburg, where she spoke passionately about women accessing higher education.

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Based on this tour to Africa, it is safe to say that Meghan Markle is the princess of women and children. Her impact on this tour to South Africa and her authentic and graceful approach to this tour is so compelling. Everyone, particularly women and children are so drawn to her. As she arrived at the University of Johannesburg today, they erupted in cheers. She appeared to be totally at home and normal among them.

During her morning discussion with both students and educators,she said,

“When a woman is empowered, it changes absolutely everything in the community.”

She also announced four new scholarships to help students study in different Commonwealth countries. She said,

“Sometimes access to education can seem so big, you wonder where to even begin? So you begin with one student, one school, you simply begin, and that’s when we see change.”

And the Duchess intends to be a major part of that change. She also visited the charity, Action Aid, to speak to people working to protect young girls in South Africa.

During her visit to South Africa we saw her pay attention to the charities focusing on abuse children and women and girls. She focused on equality and justice for all women and their education.

It is fair to say that, Duchess Meghan Markle did sparkle, on this royal tour of South Africa. She is determined to be the voice for women and children and equality for all. In many ways her unfiltered interaction with the people of South Africa bears an uncanny resemblance to that of Harry’s mother, the late Princess Diana.

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