Pregnancy Snapback

Too many mothers allow the world to pressure them after they have given birth. Apparently, it says something about a woman when she is able to give birth and ‘snapback’ immediately. The funny thing is, I never felt the pressure from my husband of 18 years to ‘snapback’. It was always from other women.

The post pregnancy photoshoot I did today😂😂😂

I am always curious about women who have had two or more Csections and showed up with a flat tummy 3 months later. Weren’t those stomach muscles damaged? Hmmm…interesting. These women are probably afraid of the ridicule they will receive if they don’t snapback in 6 months.

I have been blessed with good genes and I intend to age as graceful as I can. I will take care of myself for as long as the Lord blesses me with some extra ‘coins’. I will continue to maintain this mind, body and soul. However, nobody is going to shame me into having a 6 pack and a super flat tummy. I am happy with this body, honey!

I am just going to do me. Slow and steady wins the race. God made me beautiful, as he did with you. You can be beautiful at any size, once you have a clean heart and you are healthy. As such, the only priority you have after giving birth is to be healthy and happy, and simply ease yourself into a regular exercise routine and good diet.

Do not allow anyone to pressure you into snapping back after giving birth, or make you feel bad about your stretch marks. To steal a phrase from Ciara, those are “beauty marks”. You can be sexy at any size. I know several women of varied body types who are just sexy. Sexy is a personality! No man wants to be with a size zero woman, with no personality.

So if you are like me, you gave birth 11 years ago, go do a post pregnancy photoshoot and embrace your new sexy body. That body carried a whole human being, (some of you carried multiple babies) which means, not only are you sexy, but you got skills.

Ladies, absolutely nothing is wrong if you choose to do surgery to correct you bodies after child birth, if that is what you want, but don’t lie about it to make othe women feel inadequate.



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