Holiday Food Ideas

I love the holidays but I don’t like the weight gain that sometimes come with the season. In order to keep the extra pounds off this Thanksgiving, I am putting a lot of thought and planning in my menu. While I may not get it perfect, I will certainly try by substituting healthier ingredients like non-fat yogurt for milk in my corn pie, and agave instead of sugar in my recipes.

So many people believe that healthy food is not tasty. That is completely false. Choosing healthier ingredients this Thanksgiving, can be tasty and it will keep the “Lbs” off.

My starter table will include:




Low calorie cheeses


Low calorie crackers

Shrimp cocktail.

Crab Dip

My Salads:

Mango Spinach Salad

This is yummy and includes vegetables like cherry tomatoes, red onions and cucumbers.

Quinoa Brussels Sprouts and Apple Salad. This goes well with turkey. So it can be a complete meal or side dish. My dressing of choice is Asian Ginger Vinaigrette . It is yummy. The Brussels Sprout is diced and partially cooked before preparing the salad.

This year I am not preparing the “Grand Old Turkey” in its traditional form. I will buy a few turkey breasts and present sliced turkey to my guest. This option is easier and healthier as it will help you to avoid the extra fat that comes with the whole turkey. And yes, I will be serving Cornbread Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce with my turkey, but I will purchase the stuffing with the lowest calories.

My main course will include low calorie choices like:

Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes

Cauliflower Rice

Quinoa with Mushroom

My sides will include:

Sautéed Asparagus

Stewed Red Peas

I will also prepare my Turkey Lettuce Wraps that can go well with the Cauliflower Rice as a complete meal for the weight watchers.

For the family members and guests who are not watching their weight, ‘just for you’, I am adding my delicious Corn pie and Fried Plantains.

How can I forget dessert?

Low Calorie choices

Strawberry popsicles

Flourless Chocolate Brownies or Cake

Coconut Bites

High Calorie choices

French Macaroons

Cheesecake Cookies

Traditional Fruitcake

No matter what you are thinking of preparing for your Thanksgiving menu,the most important thing is portion control. As the saying goes, “Pace yourself” 👌😜. You cannot eat everything. Make smart choices.

Bon Appetite

Basia aka Slayer

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