Basiastyle Of The Week

By Basia Powell

I love Sundays! Mostly because I love to slay all day, all night! Fashion for me is not about price, it is about a look. T-Shirts are “the business” this season and can be paired with both trousers and pencil skirts.

My black and white look comprises of a mixture of high end and reseasonably priced brands.


My leather jacket is by River Island, Tshirt by YSL, skirt by For the Republic.


Belt by Chanel, Boots by Carlos, Bag by Chanel, Click H Bracelets. Embellished socks I bought somewhere in Qatar. And Sunglasses by FENDI! And I threw it all together and turned a few heads, lol.

All items used for this style can be replaced with similar brands to achieve the same look. That is what I love about fashion. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your look.

Come back soon for more looks!

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