Styles We Are Saying Goodbye To In 2020?

By Basia Powell

The year 2020 is literally around the corner. According to fashion designer to the stars, Christian Siriano, in a recent interview with Strahan, Sara and Keke,the athleisure style, (that I am now addicted to), is out! Oh no, I have fallen in love with this look over the past few months, but according to Siriano, full glam is back for 2020.

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So what are we supposed to do with all the leggings and oversized shirts we bought this year? Well, we can pair the oversize shirts with pencil dresses and pencil skirts and the leggings are going back to the gym. However, in the meantime, I am going to continue rocking my athleisure looks for now.

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Take a look at my recent athleisure look for my upcoming overseas travel. If Christian Siriano is correct and this look goes away for 2020 , I am in trouble. I love this look, I call it my “casglam” style.

Me 2 months ago heading to Miami.

Nevertheless, do not panic. I am sure to bring you the 411 on “whats popping ” in the style department for 2020. When it comes to fashion, I am never afraid to switch it up. 2020 styles, here we come.

This is my style for my upcoming trip:

  • Black Velvet Tights
  • Dark Green Sweater
  • Forest Green TH Lightweight Coat
  • Nike Air Sneakers
  • LV Handbag 🙌🏽

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