Birthday Slay🔥🔥

Thank you to everyone who took the time from their busy schedules to show me love on my birthday. The phone calls, the texts, the social media posts, you name it, I got it. I woke up in Trinidad, the land of my birth. I had the most amazing breakfast at the Hyatt.

I feel so blessed,not because of the things I have in my life, but the people who love me. My family and life long friends who all messaged me to tell me how much they love me. After all is said and done, its all about “good living”. A special thank you to my fabulous husband for making this all possible. I am blessed and most of all grateful.

Now the birthday celebration continues with dinner in Florida! And of course I had to slay. So check out the “slayage”

Here are the details of my birthday look:

Dress : Prettylittlething
Shoes and Belt: Gucci
Crossbody Bag: Valentino
Jewelry: Cuban link chain, Clic H bracelets

Take a look at the birthday dinner “slayage”

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