Who Would You Rather Be Like?

By Basia Powell

Within recent days we have seen a viral video of Kate Middleton deflecting public affection from her husband, Prince William. Whether this video is real or not, it triggered the debate about whether it is acceptable or not for royal couples to show signs of affection in public.

📸 Kensington Royal

A short while ago, I saw several comments on Instagram, suggesting that William’s and Kate’s lack of public affection is very appropriate for “a soon to be King and Queen.” Hmmm… I guess Kings and Queens are not humans, lol. This also communicates to me that royal sources and experts define the monarchy as being cold and loveless. These sentiments are also intended to strike a hard blow at Harry and Meghan, (“the people’s royals”), as they are clearly in love and they are not afraid to show it in public.

📸 Sussex Royal

To be honest, William’s and Kate’s public appearances take me back to the days when his deceased mother Princess Diana and his father Prince Charles were still married. Their old photographs pretty much sum up their love less marriage.That is not a promising sign. We all know how that ended.

At the end of the day, both couples have the right to be themselves. Whether they decide to show love and affection or not, that is up to them. Personally, I would rather be like Harry and Meghan. However, whether you are a royal or not, true love cannot be disguised. Some couples have that shine, whether they hold hands or not.

I guess what I am saying is, whether Prince Harry and his bride Duchess Megan Markle hold hands or not, they would still have that glow, because they are truly in love. And some “royal experts” will just have to get over it. Who would you rather be like?

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