The Queen Has Arrived👑♠️

By Basia Powell

As I reflect on this past decade, I want to thank God for saving my life. I want to give him thanks and praise for converting me into a seed after satan tried to bury me, and I grew. I started the decade fighting cancer and autism. And God lifted me up. I am the happiest woman alive. Divine favor and blessings are overflowing in my life. My pie chart for this new decade is 60 % Fun and 40% Purpose! For this, I am grateful.

I am suffering from happiness and my doctors have advised that this condition does not go away. In fact, if you hang around me for prolonged periods you will catch it. It is very contagious. All I have to do is smile at you for 5 seconds, speak to you for 2 minutes, and you will catch it.

I also developed a deadly allergy. I am allergic to negative people and vibes. When they come around, my skin breaks out, and I start running. The medication I take for this allergy makes me very irritable and impatient, and I have to go and hide.

During the last decade, I must admit that I played snakes and ladders a little too much. The only problem is, I was the ladder that a lot of snakes climbed on😎. In 2020 and beyond, I am only playing chess and poker. I will guard my heart, choose my moves carefully and show my hand when necessary. When you play chess and poker , you do less talking and more thinking.

Last decade I was a slayer, I slayed cancer, autism and unhappiness. This decade, I am a Queen, (period)😍 because I have already slayed. Now it’s time to rule. Get ready because the queen has arrived.

Happy New Year Everybody 💕