Paparazzi Carnival 2020

By Basia Alicia Powell

After the partying was over on Carnival Sunday night, the madness began. Otherwise known as, “The greatest show on earth”, or as Peter Minshall describes it, “The Mas”. It is also known as Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

On Monday we jammed with Etienne Charles and Friends Band. If you are not into costumes and you prefer to jam to live music 🎼, this band is for you. Etienne and Friends give you the traditional vibe of carnival and provided us with live entertainment from Baron, Rudder, and Kes. It was nostalgic fun.

On Tuesday we hit the road with Paparazzi Carnival. My husband and I have not played mas in 15 years, but after some last minute coaxing from my friend and former school mate Tracy Andre, we decided that the only way we can give an accurate account of the entire Trinidad Carnival experience for 2020 was to hit the road and cross the stage. And we did so with Paparazzi Carnival.

This band is amazing! We enjoyed the music from some of the country’s top Djs like, Mazel. The band was safe and everyone was taken care of. The band leaders paid great attention to detail and the needs of all masquerades .

My favorite experience was my lunchtime massage at the rest stop❗️That foot massage revived my feet.

Most of all, their costume design is out of this world! I felt right at home, like a paparazzi❗️Thank you Paparazzi Carnival for having us. We had the best time.

If I could have given Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2020 6 stars, I would. I guess we will have to stick with 5! Trinidad continues to be the gold standard for Carnival and partying. The key is knowing which party to attend and hanging the right crew.

Not everyone was built for this type of pressure! You can literally attend more than three parties in a day during Trinidad! As one of my favorite songs for Carnival says, “They cya party like we.” #Facts❗️(To get an idea of some of the parties we attended this year, go to my page “Trinidad Party Scene “:

Take a look at party footage from these parties:

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  1. Hello I actually met you by the massage table on Carnival Tuesday. Really enjoyed this article & you have made me a fan of your work.

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